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The Story

She Warrior is led by Natlyn Jones, an active boxing promoter. She works towards changing the status quo of boxing, a typically male dominated sport, by empowering women to raise a fist. After two years of fight training, learning the techniques and discipline required to be a boxer, Natlyn was inspired to launch She Warrior. Her mission is to nurture the fighting spirit within all women and lead them towards championing their health, wellness, and inner warrior.

Since She Warrior was a brand new business, we started from square one with figuring out their mission and messaging, content, photos, and design to create a cohesive image. A strong focus was placed on boxing and its health benefits, but not too much so that we didn’t leave out other individual’s sports and exercise preferences. The brand as a whole represents conquering your inner critic, becoming a fighter both in the gym and in your life, and finding what makes you feel confident and strong. 

She Warrior clothing is different because: it is actually comfortable, it fits well (not too tight and not see-through), it is sustainable and helps the environment, and…it looks cool! And when you look good, you feel good, and you’re ready to conquer.


My Role: Logo and Visual Identity, Social Media Graphics, Email Newsletter Templates, Web Design

Photography by: Steven Gray

Content Writing by: Jazz Raine

Website by: Hail Studio