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The Story

MFM Performance, a new automotive shop, needed an iconic logo that equally portrayed their three partners’ initials. It also needed to stand out in a sea of bland, predictable automotive industry logos – since it would be slapped all over cars, toolboxes, and other merchandise alongside other competing companies and parts manufacturers.

Discovering that most automotive brands lean towards a red color palette and typically use checkered flag patterns or other cliche racing visuals, we tried to do something totally different. The company’s vibe as a whole is laid back and approachable, but still professional. Their mission is provide high quality, custom automotive work and excellent customer service. So we went with a cooler palette, and a more high-end feel with all of the design assets. The angular and minimal design of the logo allowed us to incorporate it into a pattern reminiscent of tire-tread for their printed collateral, and a retro, blocky design for the mural.

Every asset, from lanyards to signage, was carefully implemented using the highest quality materials to showcase their attention to detail and commitment to quality.


My Role: Logo Design, Visual Identity, Strategy, Creative Direction, Stationery, Mural Design & Painting