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The Story

DesignXL premiered on November 9th, 2019 and established itself as the Gulf Coast area’s first ever design conference, with 250 attendees, 30 volunteers, 8 workshops, 5 keynote speakers, and 4 venues.

Why “XL”?
– to “excel” creatively and professionally
– to be “extra-large (XL)” by creating a huge impact

XL is a testament to bold thinking and creative excellence. We invited the brightest minds in design to share their insights, lessons learned, and best practices with the Gulf Coast creative community. We are committed to helping our local industry reach new heights of professionalism in the business of being creative. Don’t just think big. BE bigger, better, and do more for the community.

All of the creative work for the conference was designed and developed by our planning committee; or as we call it, our mini-agency. Our tight-knit, volunteer team of designers, writers, videographers, photographers, creative directors, and event planners created everything in this campaign.

Prior to planning this conference, we were all considered “competitors”. But after this experience, we turned into a family. We all shared a common goal: to improve and support the city, and industry, that we love.


My Role: Logo Design, Visual Identity, Strategy, Creative Direction, Event Planning & Logistics, Web Design

This was a collaborative community project by: Rachel Zampino, Veronique Zayas, Liz Painter, Somi Choi, Cheyenne McMahan, Christy Highers, Lindsay Kearley, Namrata Advani, Rachel Hogue, Kris Poore, Samantha Crooke, Bri Snellgrove, Cheryl Murphy, Christine York, Meghan Lang, Lindsey Castor, Mark Hopkins, Mike Craney, and Clancy Bambrick

Photography by: Liz Painter // Nick Bridges

Videography by: Vivid Bridge Studios

Website by: Hail Studio